Saturday, August 23, 2008

RONALD SHANE FLYNN a Journey of Success

I came to the company for the first time it was so exciting was not sure what to expect. , I had no idea what this company was all about. I really did not know if I was doing the right thing. I honestly knew nothing about this company; I really wondered what the company is all about? I started surfing and researching the internet, and surprisingly I realized the company is maybe what I want to be a part of.

This is a multibillion dollar company, a giant company of companies, not only in the Philippines but all over the world. Mr. Ronald Shane Flynn, the President of Spectrum Blue Steel Company has done things from what I can see that are unbelievable. This company could be the start of a great good thing in my life. I want the chance to be a part of this company. Working hard and doing the things to become a member will be a lifelong dream.

More great news is the SPECTRUM BLUE STEEL COMPANY ( is planning to deploy 1, 500 biosphere machine all over the Philippines, to integrate waste into energy. This company will help my country which will help a lot for the Philippine community to prevent the suffering and the problems of garbage and power shortages. With the help of Ms. Ruth BRIONES, the CEO (Spectrum Blue Steel), who is working very hard trying to negotiation by talking to the mayor’s and governor’s in the Philippine to start deploying machine in their area locations ( .

FIGHTERSOFT ( is the founder of modern technology for mobile phones that comes in one from MMS, SMS, video streaming, and mobile tracking. It is a brilliant idea that Mr. Ron Flynn shares with us, easy for communication, and tracking friends and families. The good news is, sending message is free he has started a public company that is built from the company Spectrum Blue Steel Company.

The sad news is that there is always others feel that if there someone who is headed for success to try to hold them back. The enemies of Mr. Flynn are trying to down him and his hard work for the company. Other countries as from Thailand can see the good that the company has to offer, they are Mr. Flynn’s friend and ex- partner in business, called GSBC. They have already stole money and assets from the GSBC; they are trying to ruin the company and Mr. Flynn’s life. He decided to separate from the GSBC. Mr. Flynn’s is a blessing for the country of the Philippines; he is always trying to help Philippine people.

Mr Flynn will never allow others to destroy his life and his company again. While in the country of Thailand lost the business due to the wrong doing of his ex-partners. Mr. Flynn is now in the Philippines his ex-partners continue following him by writing not true blog’s on him. These ex-friends like Jerry DUBIN, Michael Lee, Roland Chong, Tony Scott, and all the CYBERIAN people are writing a bad blogs on Mr. Flynn destroying his good image. Mr. Flynn will never give up to always to do the right thing for everyone that is involved.

I would like to say that Mr. Flynn is one of the most talented men that I ever meet. Mr. Flynn is always thinking of the right things to make life better for everyone. He never stopped trying to make things easy and right, hard working man, wanting things to be done the right way always today. I feel he will be a very successful business man here in the Philippines and any other place he chooses to pursue this talent throughout the world of business. Now the future can be won for him a good man and start to get the things in life to become successful.

In closing, I know that his journey of success can be more inspiration to the readers, you really have to be good to others. You just keep believing in yourself, know very well what you really want to do, trust in yourself, and never be afraid to take a chance. That's the way of success...